-15dB M15 ADEL Modules

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The m15 apex™ module features a combination of dual ambient ports (larger than the single hole in the m20) and modified internals to achieve -15dB isolation. This module is designed for an additional -4dB cut at 20Hz as compared to the m20, making it the middle ground between bass attenuation and isolation.

The m15 houses our innovative apex technology, which alleviates listener fatigue by releasing air pressure sealed in the ear canal. This venting enables musicians and music enthusiasts to listen more comfortably for longer, and adds to a more spacious, rich sound. Unlike a solid plug, apex offers a high fidelity listening experience, so you hear more of what you want at a lower decibel level.

The m15 apex module is designed to work with the any of our current A-Series in-ear monitors, the U12t and U18t, and our High Fidelity Custom Earplugs. You can easily switch this module for the m15 or even the solid plugs from our custom earplugs.

Modules are sold in pairs only.