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Unique Melody Merlin

Boom. Boom. Wow.

World’s first 5 driver hybrid

You asked for bass. Well we’ve got it. The Unique Melody Merlin takes a bit of a sidestep from our house sound signature and heads on into the world of unabated fun. We think we’ve done alright with our highs and mids, but everyone loves bass, specifically lovely deep rumbly sub-bass. So we developed our Merlin. A world first five driver hybrid custom, with four balanced armatures coupled to a single dynamic driver. The Merlin reproduces drums, bass guitar…and well, anything ‘bass’ in a powerful, present and impacting way.


Extending all the way down to 10Hz, you will be surprised at just how realistic your bass sounds. This is after all why, even the most hardcore balanced armature fanboy still has a soft spot for the low brow dynamic driver. You needn’t worry though. It’s not like we’ve forgotten about the rest of the frequency range. Dual mid and dual high drivers mean that vocals, detail and accuracy still abound, exactly as you would expect from a world class ear monitor. Whether you are sick of hearing bloated washed out drums and bass in your monitor mix, or are looking for that fun and energetic custom in ear monitor that rumbles, the Merlin’s will rock your socks off.

Frequency Response - 10Hz to 19kHz

Driver Type - 4BA + 1DD

Crossover - Three-way

Impedance - 12 Ohms at 1kHz

Configuration - 2xHigh 2XMid 1xLow (Dynamic)

Bores - Dual

Sensitivity - 108 dB SPL/mW at 1kHz

Acoustic Insulation - -6 to -26dB

30 day fit guarantee + 2 year warranty


Bold and fun







—Jack adapter
—Plane adapter
—Cleaning tool
—Polishing cloth
—Warranty card

Unique Melody Merlin review coming soon.


Currently starting at $1599