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Custom In Ear Monitors - we work with the best brands in the world: 1964 Ears, JH Audio, Inspire Audio, Unique Melody, Westone, we got you covered!
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Unique Melody Mentor

It's time to go to school.

Top of the line

Unique Melody Mentor the new ten BA custom IEM is designed to sound FUN, and damn fun does it sound. With four drivers taking care of the bottom end, expect punch and resolution that you haven’t heard before. The mid drivers deliver a thick and lush mid range with four balanced armature drivers splitting the job between your mids and your high mids. Expect ethereal instrumental separation and intelligibility that a quad driven mid range can offer. The top end is capped with their in house design sound signature, ensuring that whilst the bottom end and mid range are surely different, the treble delivery will sound just like a Unique Melody in ear monitor. Bright, detailed and crispy, but NEVER sibilant or harsh.


So, their eight driver wasn’t working out so well for them. It sounded good, but it couldn’t do anything the Miracle couldn’t. When it came to balanced armature drivers, there was nothing that built on the Miracle, especially when they kept themselves within the bounds of a balanced sound. So they threw that out of the window. The Mentor isn’t pure. It isn’t flat. It doesn’t stick to the rules. We can’t wait for you to try these.

Frequency Response - 20Hz to 20kHz

Driver Type - 10BA

Crossover - Four-way

Impedance - 20 Ohms at 1kHz

Configuration - 2xHigh 2xMid/High 2XMid 4xLow

Bores - Tri

Sensitivity - 112 dB SPL/mW at 1kHz

Acoustic Insulation - -6 to -26dB

30 day fit guarantee + 2 year warranty


Ethereal sound









—Jack adapter
—Plane adapter
—Cleaning tool
—Polishing cloth
—Warranty card

Unique Melody Mentor review coming soon.


Currently starting at $1949