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Custom In Ear Monitors - we work with the best brands in the world: 1964 Ears, JH Audio, Inspire Audio, Unique Melody, Westone, we got you covered!
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Unique Melody Aero

The workhorse.

Just the right amount of space

Whether you are after a custom in ear monitor for regular live use, or simply looking to take your music to the next level, the Aero is our triple and a sweet triple at that. Dual lows mean bass with amazing resolution, detail and punch whilst the single mid/high yields accurate but forgiving treble.


With a focus on both ends of the spectrum the Aero makes for a great live monitor, as well as an exciting listening experience, bringing your music to life with detailed bass, crisp mids and spacious highs. Placement is wide, with individual instruments succinct and separate and just the right amount of space. EQ these however you want, the Aero will respond brilliantly to whatever you feed it, and of course, as with all of our offerings, speed, resolution and detail remain critical. The Aero is absolutely no exception.

Frequency Response - 20Hz to 18kHz

Driver Type - 3BA

Crossover - Two-way

Impedance - 19.7 Ohms at 1kHz

Configuration - 1xHigh/Mid 2xLow

Bores - Dual

Sensitivity - 116 dB SPL/mW at 1kHz

Acoustic Insulation - -6 to -26dB

30 day fit guarantee + 2 year warranty


For regular live use









—Jack adapter
—Plane adapter
—Cleaning tool
—Polishing cloth
—Warranty card

Unique Melody Aero review coming soon.


Currently starting at $799