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Unique Melody 3DD

Unleash the power.

Three dynamic drivers

So. We did six drivers. We built an eight driver and we didn’t like it. So we built a hybrid (UM Merlin). That was cool, but where to from here? We built the PP6 and went for a six way amplified BA IEM with the crossover in the DSP. Now what? What else can you do with a Balanced Armature? SCRAP THEM. This is our brand new invention. A three way, triple driver, triple bore custom IEM. What’s so good about a three way triple you say? This is three DYNAMIC drivers. That’s right. 26.5mm of reverberating dynamic diaphragm drivers. Ground breaking. Never before have three dynamic drivers been crammed into a custom IEM.


Obviously we had to think outside of the box a bit for this one. No one made the drivers we wanted so we designed them ourselves. Not just one of them. All three. The dynamic drivers gave us a different set of phase problems to the balanced armature drivers too, so we had to run with a triple bore set up too. Oh, did we mention tuneable bass as well?

The price on such a ground breaking piece of in ear technology? Right in-between our Mage and Merlin. Affordable to the masses! We’ll solidify that soon. Then we’ll open for pre-orders. It’s a venture into the unknown, but we wouldn’t release it if we didn’t think it was pretty kick ass. We’re not quite there yet, but it shouldn’t be long now. Make sure you sign up on our notifications page to get the latest info once these babies drop. You will want to know once we release these…since we’ll be giving some away.

Frequency Response - 18Hz to 19kHz

Driver Type - 3DD

Crossover - Three-way

Impedance - TBA

Configuration - 1xHigh 1xMid 1xLow

Bores - Triple

Sensitivity - TBA

Acoustic Insulation - -6 to -26dB

30 day fit guarantee + 2 year warranty



—Jack adapter
—Plane adapter
—Cleaning tool
—Polishing cloth
—Warranty card

Unique Melody 3DD review coming soon.


Currently starting at $799