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Inspire Audio IA3BA

For the artist.


You as a touring and performing artist will no doubt be aware of the need for reliable and comfortable equipment which you know will not let you down when you need them the most. We here at Inspire Audio have put together this artist package, specifically for industry professionals that use their in ear monitors day to day in high pressure situations. If our standard artist package does not suit your needs, please do feel free to contact us to tailor you a solution.


The Inspire Audio IA3BA triple balance armature in ear monitors combines three drivers working in perfect harmony per ear with a three way crossover. With a dedicated driver for the sub bass, mid range and treble, we’ve been able to achieve what we believe is a great balance between an engaging and fun sound, whilst still offering neutrality and balance.

Frequency Response - 20Hz to 18kHz

Driver Type - 3BA

Crossover - Three-way

Impedance - 16 Ohms at 1kHz

Configuration - 1xHigh – 1xMid – 1xLow

Bores - Dual

Sensitivity - 105.26dB at 1kHz, 111.03dB at 2kHz

Acoustic Insulation -26dB

30 day fit guarantee + 1 year warranty



The Inspire Audio Artist, triple balanced armature IEM is a perfect companion for the live artists using in ear monitors. Is was tuned by musicians, singers and engineers, along with input from touring and session artists who were looking for the next step in a live in ear monitor. It is specifically tuned to provide rich clean bass due to a dedicated sub bass driver which runs off a specifically configured crossover which optimises input signal impedance to compensate for the human ear’s natural tendency to lose sensitivity to low frequency signals as well as clean mid bass with a wide soundstage to maximise the perception of space in an in ear mix.

Treble and mid range detail and accuracy is maintained by the discrete mid driver and tweeter, both custom built with impedance curves available only to Inspire Audio. This cohesive package is run through an aligned and phase
correct, pure three way passive crossover.

When tuning the Inspire Audio Artist Triple, it was at the centre of our focus that this IEM would be suited for live artists. We believe that through the use of a creatively tuned crossover and driver selection, we have come up with an IEM that provides rich, textured and deep bass response that does not yield a cloudy and boom bottom end. The mid range is present and forward, which means you don’t need to strain to hear yourself. Finally, it was absolutely imperative that sound stage and treble detail remain. This IEM had to stay open sounding, there was to be no compromise on soundstage.

We think you will love it.







—Inspire Audio Pelican 1010 Hard Case
—50 or 60” Detachable Cable
—Cleaning Tool

—Inspire Audio IA3BA review coming soon

Currently starting at $950