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FAQ’s – The order process

How long does it take to get my IEM’s back?

Making custom IEM’s is generally a lengthy process and because we do not actually make the IEM’s here in Melbourne, build times will vary based on the manufacturer that you choose.  We do our best to ensure that impressions are dispatched to manufacturers as quickly as possible and we also pay to ensure that the quickest courier methods are used to get completed IEM’s back from manufacturers.  We will generally quote you a build time as a guide however we are not liable for changes to these build times as they are subject to manufacturer constraints.

I need my IEM’s faster than the factory build time.  What can I do?

Most, if not all manufacturers that we work with are able to accommodate rush build orders which will significantly reduce the waiting time, generally to within 5 to 10 business days.  These fee’s vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and are subject to manufacturer approval which we need to attain for you prior to sending off your order.  Please let us know early on if you are after a rush build.

I want to change my design, can I do this?

Generally manufacturers will not let us make any changes to your order once we have lodged your impressions, lodged your design details and paid for your order which we must do prior to construction of your IEM.  For this reason, we ask that you dutifully and carefully consider your design before lodging your order with Acustoms.  If you need a hand ensuring you’ll get your design just right, feel free to ask and we’ll do our best to ensure you get it right the first time.

I’ve changed my mind and I want to cancel my order, can I do this?

If you let us know as soon as possible, it is usually within our reach to get your order cancelled before it is lodged with the manufacturer.  You may have to incur costs related to the postage of your impressions, or your impression appointment, but as long as your order as not yet reached the manufacturer, we can generally halt, or cancel your orders.  As per changing your design however, once the order has reached the manufacturer and has been paid for in full by Acustoms on your behalf, no refunds, changes or store credit is available on your order.  Again, because of this, we do ask that you carefully consider your order and if any unforeseen circumstances do arise, contact us immediately.

It’s been longer than your quoted build times and I’m sick of waiting.  I want to cancel my order.

We completely understand the frustration of waiting around for your awesome IEM’s to turn up.  It’s been a lengthy process and you want your ears!  We at Acustoms always do our best to HONESTLY quote expected build times from the relevant manufacturers that we support.  We request regular updates from them and try and pass this information onto you as best as possible.  Many of our manufacturers are located in the USA and organizing times to get in touch with them often sees us making calls at 4 or 5AM AEST.   There are times however when we do not get adequate updates from manufacturers, or whereby an influx of orders has changed the status on build times whilst your order has been progressing through the queue.  In these times we do EVERYTHING within our power to ensure that your order is prioritized and is pushed through the queue in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, because we pay for your orders in advance and lock in the design and build with the manufacturers, we are unable to offer refunds, exchanges or store credit on orders that have been lodged and are in construction.

I’ve received my IEM’s back but they don’t fit me 100%

All manufacturers for custom IEM’s offer a fit warranty.  If you feel as though your IEM’s don’t fit you perfectly, get in touch with us, let us know and we’ll kick those fit warranties into gear and get your IEM’s refitted so that they are perfect.