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Custom In Ear Monitors - we work with the best brands in the world: 1964 Ears, JH Audio, Inspire Audio, Unique Melody, Westone, we got you covered!
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Instructions for you

1. This process is going to feel a bit weird. Your audiologist will firstly inspect your ears to ensure they are healthy and free of wax. Too much wax build up in our ears sometimes means that we can’t have our ear impressions taken.

2. Once the cotton dams have been placed correctly, make sure you bite down gently on the bite block. Please ensure that your bite block is at least 2.5cm’s (approx.. 1″) tall. Relax your jaw and let your audiologist do their thing.

3. Having your mouth open for extended periods of time without being able to swallow may induce a severe drooling effect. We highly suggest you have a few tissues handy, lest your audiologist get the wrong idea.

4. Should you be unsure about bite blocks, or if your audiologist does not supply bite blocks, we suggest you find an alternative. TV remotes, two knuckles, your fist, an apple, a highlighter. Whichever you feel most comfortable with. Make sure you wash your hands after. And mouth.

5. Don’t squirm, don’t talk, and don’t move your mouth or do anything AT ALL but breathe whilst your impressions are being made. Make sure you relax your jaw. Impression quality will determine fit quality so don’t be afraid to ask your audiologist to take them again if you forgot a bite block or felt that the impression was too loose, or wasn’t deep enough or just didn’t feel right.

Don’t be afraid to ask for it to be taken again!

6. Give your audiologist a hug and sit tight. Send us your impressions or leave them with your audiologist if you are using an A-Customs certified audiologist. We’ll send off your impressions and depending on which company you’ve chosen to support, we’ll have your IEM’s back in no time!


Acustoms Audiologist Network


Once you have your ear impressions send them to us!

Level 40, 140 William St
Melbourne VIC 3000


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